Breaking: Novus Public Affairs merges with Hynes Communications

This month Novus is proud to announce it has merged with longtime sister company Hynes Communications. Two of the most heralded public affairs and communications firms based in Northern New England have joined forces to offer unparalleled quality service to its clients.

“With this merger, Novus Public Affairs is even better positioned to help our clients bridge the gap between business and advocacy,” said Hynes Communications founder Patrick Hynes. “Together our team will offer solutions and strategies to overcome the challenges in our current legislative and regulatory landscape.”

With decades of excellence behind it, Novus Public Affairs has delivered results for businesses and institutions competing in the public arena since its founding in 1996. From Fortune 100 companies, independent businesses, trade associations, and not-for-profits, Novus has been the go-to firm helping organizations navigate their most important initiatives, all backed by a proven team.

Hynes Communications, spearheaded by digital communications innovator Patrick Hynes, has pioneered the art of online communications in the growing digital arena since its inception in 2006. In the ensuing years, Hynes has developed and led successful online communications programs for leading Washington, DC-based trade associations and lobbying firms at the national and state level.

“I’m very excited by the cutting-edge services this new team brings to the table in 2023. Hynes’ expertise enhances our existing public relations, advocacy, and coalition-building capabilities and adds new services to our portfolio such as social media management, digital design and advertising, and writing and content creation,” said Novus chief Paul Young.

The merged company will operate under the Novus Public Affairs brand and Patrick Hynes will serve as our company President. Paul Young will continue in his role as CEO. The merger of the two companies creates one of the largest public affairs firms in the region with a New England-wide and national reach, offering a broad range of capabilities to meet the varying demands of its clients.