Novus Public Affairs Highlights Meta’s Small Business Capabilities


Everyone has heard of – and most use – Facebook. But not as many Granite Staters are aware of parent company Meta’s array of small business services and capabilities. The Novus team was brought in to expand awareness of Meta’s platform tools by helping local small businesses and organizations tell their stories about how Meta helps them thrive, reach and attract new customers, and expand.


The Novus team surveyed its broad and diverse network of allied small businesses and non-profit organizations and helped several of them craft narratives around the ways Meta’s platform meets their business needs. We then helped them share their stories with the state’s media.

The campaign included a wide sampling from many unique sectors and communities including construction, online advertising, diversity, nutrition, art, charitable organizations, caregiving, and patient advocacy groups.


Novus helped Meta secure seventeen media placements in every available medium – print, broadcast, online, radio, and podcasts – over just a twelve-month period, far exceeding client expectations.


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