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Novus Professionals Assist Packard Development in Securing Approvals and Public Support for Major Shopping Center


Massachusetts-based Packard Development was facing local opposition to their proposed development of a shopping center in Greenland, New Hampshire.

Although their survey results indicated that a majority of Greenland citizens supported the project, a handful of vocal opponents had succeeded in getting some negative press for Packard.

After receiving initial approval from the Greenland Planning Board, the project faced multiple lawsuits and appeals from opposition groups. Novus professionals were tasked with turning the tide of publicity surrounding the project to ensure that development was able to proceed smoothly.


In order to create an atmosphere of public support, Novus’ NH Public Relations experts developed a strategic plan to isolate the opposition as an unreasonable minority, create positive paid and earned media in local outlets, and communicate the benefits of the shopping center to key influence-makers and the general public in a way that would mobilize local support.

The driving message behind the communications plan was that the proposed shopping center would create quality jobs and increased tax revenues with minimal impact to the community and environment.


Novus experts quickly identified key influentials within the Greenland community that would provide high-visibility support and lend gravitas to the project. This support, along with the release of hard statistics about the positive economic implications of the shopping center ($500,000 in tax revenue, 600 full- and part-time jobs) garnered a wave of positive earned-media hits for the client.

Packard’s commitment to using green technology for the development’s wastewater disposal, and devoting $2 million to improving the flow of traffic on surrounding roadways also resulted in positive press.

Novus’ professional NH PR staff simultaneously worked with Packard to guide them through the zoning, legal, and regulatory processes, so the client knew what to expect and were prepared every step of the way. Novus took care of navigating the state and local legal and regulatory environment so the client could focus on what they do best: creating an attractive and effective commercial real estate development.

With the help of key advocates on the Greenland Planning Board and in the NH State Legislature recruited by Novus, the Rockingham County Superior Court ruled in favor of Packard in 2007, allowing the project to go forward. The shopping center was successfully completed the following year.


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