Novus Public Affairs Pushes Veto Override Vote into the Win Column for Client


Novus was hired to bring their statewide grassroots network into the fold to secure a victory for the biomass and waste-to-energy industries who needed to override the Governor’s veto of legislation (SB365) that was necessary for the viability of their operations in the state.

Overriding a Governor’s veto is no small task and is considered one of the most difficult public affairs objectives in New Hampshire. Beyond targeting nearly 400 State Representatives scattered all over the state, an override vote requires a 2/3rds vote margin to pass. In this case, it required that a significant number of legislators vote to override a veto from a Governor in their own party during an election year.

Because the vetoed legislation was viewed as a significant benefit to the state’s North Country and had the support of most of the legislators from that area, Novus targeted southern tier legislators to educate them about a policy issue most were unfamiliar with.


Novus immediately activated their diverse network of local opinion leaders to contact state representatives throughout the southern part of the state. Novus mobilized hundreds of phone calls, emails, in person meetings, and intercepts with these legislators.

Novus used creative and innovative strategies in coordination with a collation of interested parties including lobbyists, interest groups, businesses and regional trade associations.


Novus’ expertise and capabilities help with the closest override vote in the history of New Hampshire, overriding the Governor’s veto by one vote.


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