Novus Public Affairs Wins Major Legislative Battle Against Organized “Pro-Labeling” Effort


A massive legislative push was under way by groups seeking to force the food industry to label their product packages with labels clarifying whether or not they contained GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Several organized, energized and well-funded “pro-labeling” groups were working towards passing the anti-GMO bill which would have decimated the food production and distribution infrastructure.

The Novus team was hired to manage opposition outreach to key legislators and work closely with industry lobbyists to coordinate response.


Novus started on recruitment and activation of influential groups and individuals to counteract aggressive pro-labeling efforts, implementing grassroots organizing pr services and grasstops tactics.

New and old media was interwoven into the strategy plan by targeting geographical areas in the state of critical importance.

Motivating key influential constituents in these areas to take the extra step of making personal and persuasive pleas to legislators to vote against the anti-GMO bill.

Novus’ impactful public outreach strategy needed to be substantial and cover targeted districts all over the state in only a few weeks of planning.


Novus Public Affairs started on grassroots community organizing in NH, grassroots pr, and recruitment and activation of influential groups and individuals.

The plan created and implemented by Novus Public Affairs sustained a massive outpouring of opposition that the anti-GMO bill was defeated, “Inexpedient to Legislate 185-162.”


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