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As a premier community outreach firm in Portsmouth NH, industry heads turn to Novus for message-driven strategies, branding and re positioning of existing products & services, measurable public and community relations results, and elite project outcomes.  The Novus team stands out because we know preparation is critical to client success. We focus on researching opposition, problem areas, potential conflicts and compare messaging to identify the right message at precisely the right time.

Planning: The objective of a substantive community outreach strategy is to increase positive visibility and educate the public while delivering a compelling message. When developing community relations strategy, Novus is careful to consider organizational resources including financial, history, established capabilities, and all the way down to staff time for example. The best solution for any client is one that allows the organization to be positioned for growth, sustains market value, and increases public awareness in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Community Advocacy & Outreach in NH

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Messaging and Implementation: Novus understands that successful communication drives community outreach efforts. Accomplishing organization objectives through powerful and focused community outreach mediums to target specific operational assets is the hallmark of Novus’ proficiencies.

Expert analysis of existing communications programs in every aspect of organization activities including corporate communications, government and regulatory affairs, economic development, community relations, and company stewardship.

Novus prides itself on providing communication that is clear, consistent and designed to be a simple message delivered on a repetitive basis. This cannot be accomplished if project stakeholders are speaking in multiple voices.

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    NH Community Organizing & Coalition Building Services

    Even the best winning outreach messages and themes are ineffective unless they are delivered to their targets on a consistent timetable. A multi-pronged message delivery approach can be used to ensure that our targets through their constituencies receive a clear, simple message. We constantly want to improve our message distribution, so we work with clients through communication training and ongoing consultation to help senior management craft and effectively deliver targeted communications based on compelling, research-based messaging to their audience. Which results in the generation of positive media stories to drive affirmative client identity.

    Instill message discipline and direction of action toward achieving objectives by mobilizing target audiences to support. In many ways, the constituency delivering the message is equally, if not more important than the message itself. The messenger often provides legitimacy and credibility to the message. When crafting messages for clients, we look to tell the story of a particular organization and its services in a compelling and effective manner.