Public Presentation Training

Novus’ expertise in media relations and persuasive public speaking has helped corporate executives and professionals, civic and non-profit leaders, public officials, and candidates for public office hone and improve their presentation skills.

Our training programs are custom-designed and executed to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Our training programs provide before-and-after measurement of improvement and cover topics such as preparation and message development, principles of communication, the effective use of visuals, connecting with your audience, harnessing nervous energy, and fielding questions.

Media Relations

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From spokesperson development and media training to creating the earned media plan and core messaging, our experts ensure you are equipped with the tools, literature, and training to navigate the worldwide media. Novus professionals have extensive experience working in print, web, radio, blog, television and social media. Whether your organization’s goal is to attract earned media attention, or maximize publicity from a paid media campaign, Novus will help you draw the right attention to your message.

Novus can guide your organization through every step of the media relations process – including developing a long-term media plan, conducting media training sessions, scheduling interviews and press conferences, writing and disseminating press releases, and managing rapid-response situations. Novus’ comprehensive approach will ensure that all of your interactions with media are consistent, on-message, and positively advance your agenda.

Your Issues, Solved.

If your company, business, organization or trade association needs public representation reach out to one of our experienced public relations management professionals today.


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    Crisis Management

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    While usually something to avoid or deflect, a crisis is very often an unexpected chance to communicate key messages, strategic strengths, and corporate values. And while difficult to leverage such an opportunity in the midst of handling a legal, compliance, shareholder, or consumer crisis, it’s much easier when you’ve prepared a Crisis Management Plan in advance. Preparedness is the hallmark of effective, efficient, and responsible crisis management, and Novus will assist your organization in preparing a plan so you are ready when crisis strikes.

    A few key truths – crises will occur in your business, your stakeholders will be affected, and your company’s reputation will change as a result.

    Our expert teams provide crisis plans and training, strategic counsel, media training, message development and delivery, social media monitoring and response, collateral development, and media outreach in high-pressure environments.