New Hampshire Political Advocacy

Political advocacy consulting services and activism underpins the ability of Novus to create successful pubic affairs, public relations, and political campaigns for a wide variety of clients. Novus’ experience in the public arena means we are use to succeeding in high-pressure, time sensitive, high-stakes situations. Our well-honed political skills translate well in all segments of public communications and strategy and is backed by a nationwide network of citizens, political activists, and political operatives that can be activated and engaged to help our clients succeed.

Political Consulting Services

Clients from all over the country have hired Novus to consult on hundreds of different legislative, policy, communications, and grassroots/grass-top campaigns in NH over the last few decades.  When companies, organizations and candidates of all sizes have issues to address they lean on the expert consulting advice of the Novus team to help make vital decisions in order to better assist with the completion of theirs goals in legistlation.

  • The team has consulted and/or managed over ten presidential campaigns.
  • Supervised hundreds of federal, state and local pr campaigns with a detailed focus in the NH region of legislation.
  • Hired by several national party committees including the Republican National Committee and National Republican Senate Committee.
  • Acted as specialized consultants for several PAC’s and other political pr organizations for services in New Hampshire and nationally.
Your Issues, Solved.

If your company, business or organization needs a NH political consultant reach out to one of our experienced public relations management professionals today.


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    Political Representation in NH

    Over the past three decades, Novus Public Affairs has raised millions of dollars for candidates, advocacy groups, companies, trade associations, and political organizations and worked to elect dozens of federal, state, and local candidates for public office. We have established and led several political organizations that have greatly influenced and swayed the public policy direction of NH local and state government.

    Paul Young has worked for the New Hampshire Republican Party in various capacities including as its executive director and treasurer and served as a strategic advisor to the national campaigns of seven presidential candidates (1988-2015). Paul is the past finance chair for Governor Steve Merrill and past chair of Victory ’96 for the Republican National Committee.

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