Survey Results In!

Graph of the NH Medicaid Expansion Novus Public Affairs Survey

We want to thank everyone who filled out our first Novus Newsletter survey. Please find the results below:


Examining the future of Medicaid in New Hampshire, and considering what you know, how should the state Legislature act on Medicaid expansion? Which option best expresses your opinion?


24%   End the Medicaid program as we know it

44%   Establish a work requirement for enrollment

12%   Increase funding for the program

8%     Fight the feds and continue the program in its current form

12%   Decrease funding for the program and go back to the way it was before the ACA



Thinking about the tax reform debate in Washington, what do you think would be the MOST IMPORTANT single outcome?

4%     Increased federal tax revenues to help balance the budget and reduce the debt

24%   Reduced taxes on corporations to stimulate the economy

8%     Making sure the wealthiest pay their fair share

64%   A flatter tax code that eliminates loopholes and treats all income earners the same

0%     Establishing something completely different from our current system of taxation, like a national sales tax or a VAT