Novus Public Affairs and Hynes Communications Merge.

Novus Public Affairs is proud to announce its merger with Hynes Communications, the nation’s premier agency focused on digital media and online communications strategy. This merger strengthens Novus’ advocacy, public relations, and communications capabilities, and allows the company to offer a range of additional services to its diverse and growing client base.

We recruit local influential advocates to reach out to legislative targets on behalf of clients.

They deliver key messaging to sway decision making and gather vital mission critical intelligence.

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What We Do

Novus practice areas include media, community, and public relations; Grassroots & Grasstops public affairs campaigns for regulatory and legislative issues; strategies for real estate development projects, land-use and environmental permitting; brand recognition and crisis communications.

Our PR Services
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Who We Are

Since 1996, the Novus Public Affairs team members have been delivering positive results for businesses and institutions that compete in the public arena. Fortune 100 companies, independent businesses, trade associations, and not-for-profit institutions rely on Novus’ Public Relations experience.

Meet The Team
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How We Deliver

We specialize in crafting intelligent, thoughtful communication strategies with call-to-action messages designed to appeal to multiple audiences. Our team of experts develop dynamic tactics to take issues to the forefront of your target audience.  We motivate decision makers to accomplish your goals.

Our Results

Delivering Thoughtful Messages that Mobilize and Positively Influence
Voters and Decision Makers

Industry Specializations

Commercial Development

We specialize in helping Commercial Developers and Large Scale Development Companies navigate the local approval process using a variety of tactics such as gaining community approval and working local media.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Novus has years of experience helping the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry promote their agendas at the local community and federal level with strategic Public Affairs and Public Relations Services.

Energy & Utilities

The Energy and Utility Industry has turned to Novus over the last two decades to increase their chances of project success through community outreach and grassroots organizing.

Environmental Industry

The Environmental Sector in New Hampshire has always been turbulent, Novus provides a network of local opinion leaders and best practices to help some of the largest companies around the world achieve project objectives.

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate Developers, Builders, and Construction Industry professionals look to the Novus Public Affairs team to guide them through the development and approval process in New Hampshire.

Trade Associations

When policy issues arise, Trade Associations and National Organizations have hired Novus to create awareness, construct winning coalitions, promote community involvement and help navigate the legislative pipeline in Concord, NH.

Your Issues, Solved.

If your company, business, organization or trade association needs public representation reach out to one of our experienced public relations management professionals today.


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    Our Core Capabilities

    Integrated Planning

    The first phase of any campaign is to determine specific goals and objectives and to create a strategic plan that integrates the necessary tools and tactics to achieve positive results. The strategic advocacy plan will integrate field intelligence and operations; coalition building; public outreach; advocate identification and mobilization; events; paid and earned media including social media; and internal communications such as reporting requirements.

    Strategic Counsel

    Our experience running large scale advocacy, public relations, and political campaigns in the past underpins our knowledge of the elements and actions need to successfully execute a successful advocacy campaign. Novus will manage the day-to-day operations of the campaign and will provide the Genentech team with strategic counsel and advice to anticipate and meet challenges while leveraging opportunities.

    Online Advocacy & Social Media Initiatives

    Novus public affairs has earned the reputation for being the best online public affairs firm specializing in delivering client messages across the internet. Novus has been involved in nearly every national major advocacy campaign over the past six years and has also conducted online advocacy campaigns in states for a wide variety of clients.

    Coalition Building

    Third-party advocates are the most effective way of delivering your campaign message points. Novus builds effective state coalitions from our base of contacts along with client targets by using tried and true information sharing, advocacy, and trust building techniques.

    Content & Collateral Development

    We have a strong group of writers on staff who can assist with any kind of writing and editing needs, whether it is drafting talking points, press releases, op-eds blog posts, collateral or other communications materials or visuals.

    Earned & Paid Media Relations

    Novus can create and place traditional and online advertising as needed. Our media relations team has decades of experience dealing with the media at the local, state, and national level.

    Field Operations

    Novus has a nationwide database of political operatives and public affairs consultants generated from more than three decades of work in politics and advocacy. Novus will recruit the best field representatives to accomplish the job in targeted states, train them, and manage their daily activities.

    Message Development

    Messages are not meant to be one-size-fits all. Effective messages should be tailored for different audiences. Novus has experience in breaking down complex policy issues into digestible, easy-to-understand language that resonates with the public.

    Rapid Response & Amplification

    We will monitor traditional and online outlets for health and biotech news. Understanding the broader news cycle, we will amplify positive articles and output via social media channels.

    Powerful Public Relations Results
    For Industries and Clients of All Sizes


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    Years of Combined Public Relations Experience


    Surveys and Opinions Gathered


    Votes Won for Clients


    Satisfied Clients

    Our Approach

    Novus enjoys working closely with our clients, setting clear objectives and getting to work. Unlike some larger public affairs firms, we don’t have to worry about shareholders, a head office in New York or hitting a certain profit margin. We are extremely goal-oriented and focus on getting the job done. We take pride in the fact that we have a very high client retention rate and that many of our clients have relied on us for a significant number of years.

    Effective advocacy campaigns begin with a solid plan – rooted in straightforward and concise objectives. One of the first actions we would undertake is to meet and establish a clear set of goals. Having a solid understanding of your needs will help us formulate a strategy and help implement the tactics to achieve the stated objectives. Throughout the process, we will manage the campaign and are at your disposal to discuss strategy or execution of tactics at any point. Last but not least, we will define metrics and reporting from the onset so we can be held accountable for the success of the campaign.

    Deploy Effective Representation

    Do you need to present your company to customers, investors, stakeholders, and the media in a better way?  Form an effective communication and PR strategy today.


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